Jan 19, 2013

Peace, Love, & BYU Vocal Point

Where to even begin?! Well, for work the last month I have been working on promoting and getting ready for Vocal Point to come! I had been working really hard and yesterday it all came together! We had a sold out show and it was simply incredible! They are so talented! It was fun to hear patrons rave about them because they saw them on the show the "Sing off".

I got to work that morning and did the normal everyday tasks that I have. I had a few messages from people trying to figure out things for the concert. I felt pretty important! :) Then the boys got here around 3:00p.m. then the normal steps of getting them into the dressing rooms and making sure they have everything they need. Then sound check/ show run through. The day seemed to fly by and I didn't really get to rest for too long. Long enough to watch most of sound check though! :)

The guys were all so nice and maybe one of my favorite groups to work with, well Bill Cosby comes close but that was 4 days of CONSTANT stress and never getting anything right for him! ha! Everything went smoothly and I felt pretty accomplished since Don (my boss) is in Africa!

I had a blast and it gave me that reminder that I am here for a reason and I get to do what I love and it confirmed to me that I really do love everything about my job- even the stressful times. It also confirms my choice in career- which has changed so much and often that I am glad to finally know.

Sound Check...

Jon Rose "Call Me Maybe" yep... that's me.

More "Call Me Maybe"

Might be one of the greatest moments... right up there with the moment I first stepped foot on a broadway stage! :)

I think my face says it all! :) My job comes with some serious benefits! :)

My view from backstage...

After intermission... again backstage view.

The huddle right before they went on. Back stage.

Jon, Me, Jessica, Adam. They were signing and the line took an hour and a half to get through... So, during one of the gaps in the line we took this! :) The line might have been just as entertaining as the show! :) Fans get crazy.

After a long day and night... we topped it off with Sammy's. :) The gang!

Truly so blessed! I have worked hard and the rewards are great! I have met and worked with great people, made new friends and continue to expand my network!

Glitz and Glam!

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