Jan 19, 2013

Peace, Love, & Snowboarding!

When you truly love life, you will find happiness in everything. I have found this to be SO true! My life is incredible and I am in Rexburg, ID. Most would not find this small town remotely fun however, with the right attitude you attract more people with that same attitude and life becomes something incredible!

I have had so many great opportunities since coming back to BYU-Idaho! Who would have thought?!

Since I am off track and just working, I am taking a snowboarding class on wednesdays. I hadn't been in 5 or so years! And I actually did WAY better than I had anticipated. (a perk of going into it with low expectations)

Got my board ready, put on my new stomp pad... that I bought in Hawaii... ha!

Fresh powder!

On the lift up with my new riding buddy and Co-Cordinator! (I was asked to be coordinator for the class)

Best snowboarding conditions!!! Sun shining, fresh powder!

I had a great day and am finally starting to be able to move again! :)

Glitz and Glam!

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