Jan 7, 2013

Peace, Love, & Follow-up

Remember when I talked about cleaning out my closet? Well, I did it and I think everyone that knows me would be shocked...

For a size comparison this is my biggest tupperware bin and it takes up our whole hallway! It's FULL!

Close up!

Figured their was NO need to hang onto this anymore. No need for reminders of Andy.

Upon throwing it in the pile I realized it was made in the DR. This is more for my parents than anyone. :)

This it the shirt I mentioned... I wore it over the dress I wore to Andy's album release party... So, I got rid of it too! There is seriously no reason to hold onto it. It just reminds me of him telling me he was my rock. *GAG*

SO, For an official count--

4 Pants
3 Sweaters
2 Hoodies
3 Winter Jackets
6 Dresses
4 Skirts
8 Shirts
2 Vests
Tank tops, PJs, and yoga pants

I went through and got rid of everything that was immodest, unflattering, and that I haven't worn in forever. I kept my favorite pieces and that was all. I also got rid of "skinny" jeans I love skinny jeans but they sure don't love me! I have done a couple of weed throughs with my shoes but still am not where I want to be with those. After doing this I still want to get rid of more! It feels so great! It's been almost a week and that pile of clothes is still sitting in front of my door(until I take it to Anna to go through- then sell) and I haven't taken one thing back out! :)

To say I am proud or that it feels good doesn't even begin to describe it.

How are your closets looking?!

Glitz and Glam!


  1. Awesome. I need to do that on my whole house.

  2. Me too! I am impressed. I don't know why it is so hard to let things go???


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