Jan 27, 2013

Peace, Love, & Paint FIGHT!!!

I have always wanted to be in a paint or colored chalk fight and last night I got to be! :) I took off work early since I had been there for 12 hours I didn't feel bad- and there is a second show tonight that I will be staying for. So, the crew got ready and we went to the paint fight. They had sold 1500 presale tickets and sold more at the door! I don't know how many people they had in the end. But man, it was PACKED!!! It was a giant mosh pit for pretty much the whole time. No one had any room to actually dance. I have bruises in really weird places now! We got there at 8:30 and left at midnight. It was a long night!!! But we had a blast and it was so worth it!
I can't imagine what their clean up was like today but I do know they made bank off of this party so I don't even feel bad everyone got their own squirt gun filled with different colors of paint and it was awesome! Although I really didn't love the people who thought it was okay to shoot you in the eye. That was painful.

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