Jan 24, 2013

Peace, Love, & Targhee

Well, one of the perks of being off track and only working I was able to take one day off a week and I go to my second office... the slopes of Grand Targhee Mountain.

Yeah, it's okay to be jealous because it is the highlight of my week, every wednesday! I would never say I was a great boarder I really taught myself when Anna gave up on me and left me at the top of a mountain. ;P Part of this class includes an hour lesson every week. Which is honestly so much help... I realized I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. I could get down the mountain but it wasn't always graceful. Now, I am SO much better! I love it!!!!

Here's some photo's from yesterday!

Lunch time break!!!

At the top of the mountain! It was super windy... hence the really cute hairstyle I've got going on.

Nature is a beautiful thing.

Without this class I really have no clue how I would be making it through this painfully cold winter. But, it's keeping me active and keeping me happy at the same time! :)

Glitz and Glam!

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