Feb 19, 2013

Peace, Love, & More Utah.

Three day weekend getaway to Utah... check! I love Utah. I often miss living there. I thought when I moved away I would never look back. I loved the East coast so if I had stayed there I guarantee I probably wouldn't be looking back but Rexburg tends to have that effect on me.

It's good to be so close! I am sad my sister and her family are moving to Seattle which will make my trips a little less entertaining! It was fun to have one last weekend together.

Here is a random array of photos from the weekend. Rod made the drive down as well so we got to hang out in Provo and have some adventures it was a blast!

Audrey digging for gold! :) Keepin' it classy! :)

Rod was deeply concentrating in Barnes and Noble!

I love Utah.

This ladies hair made me cringe...

Oh, yes that is an extension hanging out... Hide your weft lady!
These books were made for me.

Rod, taking in the view.

Man, Iva sure is cute!!!

Provo, UT Temple

Definitely climbed up onto the wall to take the picture then we got to the next intersection and that sign had steps right to it... All of Provo got to see me climb this instead.

Walking on the Provo BYU campus... it's got some good views!

I had a blast with friends and family in Utah! Can't believe the Hornes are moving!

Glitz and Glam!

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