Jun 27, 2013

Peace, Love, and a BURNING Cactus.

Once upon a time, in a far off land in the middle of nowhere. A girl met a boy. The girl hated this boy, he was annoying, crude, and a know it all. She kept her distance until a couple months later when she found herself "head over heels" for him. She slowly let him into her life. They became friends and hung out almost every day talking when they weren't together and with some major bumps in the road they became "officially" boyfriend/girlfriend. This wasn't shouted from the rooftops nor was it announced on facebook. ***Red Flag*** (If she couldn't shout it from the rooftops with pride than she needed to move on, right?) This girl knew all of her friends and family members didn't approve of him so, only some even knew. They were official for a week when she realized her friends were right and this wasn't worth it. It just felt good to be wanted again. She tried talking to him... she failed miserably. He wanted to make it work. She knew it couldn't. He agreed to give her a day of space which ended up being a couple days before he left a cactus on her doorstep. To most this means nothing but, to her it meant a lot. It wasn't a kind gesture. It was low. The first thing he bought her was a breakup cactus. Cool Story.

You want to know more about this cactus? Yeah it's a pretty funny story! Well, on one of their dates they went to a comedy night. The first comedian started off talking about starting relationships and how flowers mean different things he then said, "Why don't we give flowers/plants when we break up?" When you give poison ivy it means "You are irritating me" and if you give a cactus it means "I need space".

Well, she got the picture since it was pretty blatant. She kept it for a couple days and then decided to burn it...

Since that, there has been no communication, deleting and UNfollowing on social media.

And just like that with no "It's over" spoken. IT'S OVER.

The End.

And don't worry about the girl... she wasn't that attached and it wasn't her first breakup. She is strong and moving on.

Glitz & Glam!

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