Jul 1, 2013

Peace, Love, & A Trip Down Memory Lane

More like several trips down memory lane!

First, a flashback to 2008 spring break. I went with Shannon, one of my friends from Boise and then we met up with a big group from Utah State. Which my sister in law had planned the whole thing. Random. And when I say sister in law I mean Jessica is my brother in law's little sister. So I don't know exactly what to call her! ha! But it was one of the coolest vacay's I've ever gone on. Even getting to be in a recording of The Price is Right! Well, the only reason this camping trip this weekend brought back those memories was because most of the people I went camping with go to Utah State and live in Logan.

Second, a flashback to my Utah days. Being with my best friend Jamie made me seriously miss the days of seeing her all the time! It's weird to think that it has been two years since I left Utah! But, she is still my rock! This weekend was just what I needed! She always knows how to make me laugh. Maybe even too much. HA!

Third, a flashback to my childhood and camping with my family and the Salisbury's! I haven't really camped since I moved out which was 6 years ago! WOAH! Sometimes I forget how fun those days were. Wake up, eat, go boating, swim, eat, boat, swim, layout, eat, sleep, & REPEAT for the next week. Those were the days! I love camping and was lucky enough that my Dad loves it too. He also has all the things in the world you could need for camping. I realized this weekend that I do not. ha!

Well, now that I have had all these flashbacks I can move on with the present day! ;)
This weekend Jamie invited me to go camping at Bear Lake with her little sisters and their friends. It was a blast!!! I love the lake so, it is no problem for me to be on the lake all day and cooking s'mores at night! It was a great break from school and work! Carefree times are always the best!

One of the guys brought his sail boat! That was pretty cool to see! Yeah, I'd say it was the best weekend in a long time! :)

Glitz & Glam!

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