Jun 22, 2013

Peace, Love, & A Helping Hand

I know I shouldn't be so surprised but sometimes Heavenly Father puts people into my life that are literally ANGELS. It's been a rough go around lately and doors have been closing. But I found several open doors over the last few days. It has been such a blessing. I have never been so happy. (In the midst of turmoil)

Today, we had a big activity where we went and played mud volleyball. It was so fun. Pretty much no volleyball was actually played but we had a good mud fight! We were all covered head to toe! I was playing in capris and by the end of it they were pants. The mud was so heavy! I also had some mad dreads! The only down part was I fell and twisted my knee. It was the knee that already struggles. :(

It was a blast! 

Tonight, Spencer came over and I am laid up in the love sac with a bag of frozen green beans on my knee. He painted my nails for me. Cutest thing ever. Such a random thing but it made my day!

God is always with us! Sometimes we just need to look closer as to where. And sometimes he is there when we don't realize. He sometimes boots people out of our lives for our benefit even if we don't think it is. He knows. So much better than we do. Trust. 

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