Jun 12, 2013

Peace, Love, & A New Leaf

Mistakes are made.

Sometimes I am stupid.

Sometimes I hurt people I love.

Sometimes I am hurt.

Apologies are made.

It's then time to forgive and move on, to the best of our abilities. We can only dwell on something for so long until, in essence, we are just beating ourselves up.

So, with each new day I try to challenge myself to be better in some small way. (Trust me, there is a lot to choose from) These small things may not be noticeable to anyone else but for me they change everything. Life can be demanding and I for some reason ALWAYS stack up far too much on my plate. So, I have tried to break down the things in my life to manageable portions.

I have to know I can recover from anything.

Glitz & Glam!

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