Jun 17, 2013

Peace, Love, & A Little Perspective

Dani introduced this song to me yesterday after having a pretty rough day. It's my new favorite and I definitely have had it on repeat today.

I've been working really hard towards something in my life and have been in the process and it is suddenly off the plate. My timeline is not the timeline that is going to work. It was hard to hear and face. But, I have chosen to not allow it to pull me back but now I just have longer to prepare and longer to work towards it. I have never wanted something so bad and it's completely out of my control as to why I can't have it right now. Such is life.

Sometimes our trials are nothing to do with us. We can't let ourselves get in the habit of taking it personal and slowing down our progression even more.

Keep your head up. There are great things all around you even in the midst of something painful.

I am grateful for all the people I can turn to in these times! I am blessed beyond words!

Glitz and Glam

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  1. You are AWESOME!!! People want to be you and aspire to achieve your awesomeness! Dont Forget That! Have a stellar day!!


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