Jul 16, 2013

Peace, Love and some serious sparkles!

I used to get in prank wars all the time... I really love them. Some people know that side of me...

Well, last night I let it out again. I pulled off one of the best pranks. It's been years since I've been in the game. And well, I'd say I did a dang good job jumping back into it. 

To start this story off... Jordon started it. Ha! He wrote "sick tight" everywhere in our apt. I keep telling him that word is ridiculous. It's never gonna happen- just like fetch. Ha!!! 

I might have taken my prank up a few levels....

Well, I made a sign with glittery puff paint that said "peace, love, and sparkles" naturally. Then continued to put glitter everywhere! On his bed, comforter, sheets, pillow, tool box, desk, alarm clock, in his shoes, on his deodorant, in his shampoo, and on top of his door so that when they open and close it glitter falls. 

Yeah, I went all out. Glitter bomb was a success. Not only did I get this snapchat last night...
But he also called me, and then texted me. I'd say it was just the reaction I was looking for. :)

I even got some texts this morning. So, I thought I would wish him a sparkly day. 
Now. To wait. 

Glitz and Glam! 

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