Jul 16, 2013

Peace, Love, & Grandpa Gilmore

I am officially done with work for the semester. Well, minus my Monday meeting. It have been such a great semester for me. I have been able to work with some incredibly talented people. It's been nice to see hard work pay off! Last night was the final concert. We had our annual Patriots and Pioneers concert featuring Edward Herrmann. Edward Herrmann has been in so many different shows, movies and concerts. He has worked with Goldie Hawn who is one of my idols! Not only is he talented he is so intelligent. He told me so many stories about movies he has worked on and random facts about whatever was around us. 

There was a rehearsal Friday night so I had to pick him up from the hotel and then be there all night for whatever needs he may have. Then give him a ride back to the hotel after. I took all my homework and sat in the green room and tried to get everything done. 

He was awesome and a great end to my semester. :)

Glitz and Glam!

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