Aug 13, 2013

Peace, Love, & Working On Cars

So, one of the many things I have inherited from my Dad, is my love for cars. My Dad has always had fun cars and has always had at least one "project" car for as long as I can remember. Mostly old British cars are the focus of my Dad's restoration projects. I remember going out and pumping the brakes for my Dad while he checked the lines. And various other projects but today...

Today was on a new level. The Land Rover's windows haven't worked for some time. It's got some other random things that needed some TLC as well. It's a 1996 Discovery and my dad is awesome enough to let me take it for half of the year. It's an awesome car for pretty much anything you want to do. The only downside is that it has a tape player and that the windows don't work. Well, now the windows work! (Well we haven't gotten to the last one yet. That will be fixed tomorrow.)

First, checking the fuses to make sure they weren't burnt out.

Second, I took off the glove box.

Inside view of the glove box.

Taking out the ECU. (Engine Control Unit)

Once we got it out we looked for the problem... I tried to get a close up of it. There was a crack around one of the little solder spots.

Here's the whole unit. I have never seen one so it was pretty cool!

I figured I would let Dad do the soldering...

After the unit was tested and put back in one window was fixed. The next window we had to put a new nylon piece on the regulator. So, that required the door being taken apart.

Finally, put it all back together. Vacuum. Clean the entire inside. Wash the floor mats. Wash the car. Wax the car. TA DA!!!

It's almost ready to go back to school with me! :) Just one more window to fix!


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  1. Hahahaha! I really enjoyed this post. I definitely spent my fare share of time tearing a part my old Range(miss the old beast). Great cars if you have the patience and time(my lacking ingredient these days). I spent a lot of time looking at my ECU and Brain hoping they would be magically fixed...never worked though. Good luck with the final window!
    PS - If you want to drop about $100 into a stereo they are an easy install compared to the work you just performed.


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