Sep 28, 2013

Peace, Love, & Flood

Well, as many of you probably don't know I live in an apt complex that has the worst- hands down- maintenance guy. I have lived in this same apt for half of last semester and now this semester. We had trouble last semester. One toilet was worse than the other but both would clog up for NO reason. There would be no colossal dump in the toilet and it still would clog. So, after putting in several request and nothing being fixed last night was the final straw.

We walked back to get ready for bed- me after a 10 hour work day and concert. The carpet was soaking wet. EW. I was barefoot. I repeat... EW!

We put in another request to have someone come fix it. We turned off the water. We contacted the managers first thing in the morning and he came over and "fixed" it. He turned the water back on and later in the day we came back and the water had spread even farther down the hall.

SO an emergency call was made to the managers and after several hours he came over to look and then decided we needed to get a team to come in and clean it. We went out for the night and this is what we came home to:

We have to keep the 'door' zipped shut and these huge industrial fans on all night and who knows how much longer. The will be replacing the laminate and who knows how long that will take them.

Oh happy day! Good thing we are moving next semester!

Glitz & Glam!

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  1. I feel for you. We did those and in the front entry for five days! It was SOOOOOO LOUD.


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