Sep 23, 2013

Peace, Love, & BOYTOX

For the Mindy Gledhill show I got chinese food for dinner for our crew and her crew afterwards I had a fortune cookie, this is what is read:

"The fun side of a relationship begins to unfold"

My first response was bull. I call bull. Now, a few days later this fortune still sits behind my phone in it's case. I often put things in my case that mean something to me or remind me of something.

I have recently invoked another BOYTOX. The last time I did this it was because I had lost the most important man in my life. Now, almost two years later I am calling it again.

"When a woman gives up dating / cavorting with the opposite sex for a temporary period in an attempt to enhance her overall well-being, including her mental health and her physical appearance. As a result, she may glow or look younger from lack of frowning and crying as if she had a Botox injection."

Nothing major has happened to trigger this(at least not this time)... it is more of the little ridiculous things that just frustrate me.

With work, school, church, friends and whatever else I am getting pretty busy. My class load is pretty heavy and well, work takes up my weekends. I love my job. SO much. For those of you that aren't aware I can't get enough of Center Stage. Who would have thought I could find a little piece of the world I love in Rexburg, ID! The only downside is... it usually kills my social life. I work 10 hour days on concert nights and then when it's over the grandma in me just wants to get into bed no matter what time it is.

So, to be honest it is easy to call a boytox right now because I am too busy to even try to fit it in. So, here is to many more 'Girls Night Outs' and freedom.

Glitz & Glam!

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  1. Okay perfect - girls trip soon. NYC? I'm not kidding lemme know if you're down :] Love you forever bbg


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