Sep 9, 2013

Peace, Love, & LA!

Officially, I am two days into my vacation! It's been a wonderful journey thus far. Well, minus having to strap in the lady next to me on the first flight. She couldn't reach the seat belt on her own.

Yesterday we hit the ground running and went to Hollywood then The Grove. The Grove is one of my favorite places to go. Andy and I would people watch there. So many emotions flooded me yesterday. It wasn't as glamorous as I remembered. Nor was it what I remembered. I think it all stems back to who you are with. I had a great day on the town with my girls and I found that it was good to replace the old memories. It's time to let go. Unfortunately that is easier said than done! I might go into more detail about all the emotions and feelings but for right now I am going to skip them and go to the pictures! :)

Caitlin packed us cute little snacks for when she picked us up from the airport! :)

The HEART Loaf

Hollywood Sign is hidden back there! :)

The Girls! <3
Some dude running in the heat of it all.

The Grove!

Today we had a birthday celebration for Caitlin's Mom and sister! And let me tell you... we ate GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!

At the Grove we got fancy and got some free makeovers and VIP treatment as they put our makeup on in the DARK. As a makeup artist I know how important lighting is- as does probably anyone. So, I was a little nervous but, I was impressed.

Glitz and Glam! More Travel days ahead!

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