Sep 13, 2013

Peace, Love, & Pep Time

Well, I am all unpacked and back in my old apartment. It feels so weird being back already! I am so happy to be back, to be with my friends, AND to start school. AH.

I can't believe another year of school is happening. It makes me wish I wouldn't have taken off so much time from college. BUT, I do not regret what I learned in those years or what I did. It would just nice to be done with school already!

So, since none of the stress has kicked in just yet I have been wasting my night reading old blog posts that I have made drafts- sometimes I am too personal with my blog posts. It's a great place for me to get it all down but then, I forget how many people read my blog. It's not a diary! ha! Anyway, these old blog drafts got me thinking and made me realize how far I have come!

I have so much farther to go but I am super impressed by what I have changed just within the last couple years!

I have had so much help along the way and I am just so ready to keep progressing!

God Speed.


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