Oct 17, 2013

Peace, Love, & EMBARRASSING!

Embarrassing things happen to me quite frequently... most of them I can just slough off now. Since these things happen so often most of the people in my life just come to expect them. The most random of random will happen and it is no surprise to any of them- or even me- anymore.

It all goes back to a moment where I felt overwhelmed with social media. I decided the best thing to do would be to DELETE the Facebook application on my phone. This would help me limit my time wasted on FB. So, for right now just remember why I deleted the app and we will continue the story.

I have a class on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and I really love it. In this class we sit in a big circle. It's a communication class so of course we are all about open communication! :) Anyway, there is a guy who sits straight across from me in our circle. It's natural for your eyes to look straight in front of you... right? I tell myself that because he catches me looking at him- I catch him looking at me and I want some other reason for looking at him. When in actuality I just find him ridiculously attractive. Guilty as charged. So, now we are a month into the semester and the only time we have talked was when he volunteered to hand back papers. He happened to have my paper.He called my name and that was the extent of our conversation.

That ALL changed yesterday. We both somehow ended up at the front of the circle. Only the Professor between us. At one point in our class the Professor started writing on the board directly behind me and this guy. So, we turned and scooted to the middle of the circle to take notes. We weren't close but sort of were. I don't know how to really describe it. We were talking about morning people and then were asked who were the night owls in the class. He and I both raised our hands- my thought process... okay, now we have something to bond over. A girl started to talk about how she just automatically wakes up at 6am and is ready to go. He and I both looked at each other and said "that's just weird' and "that's not natural". That was it. That was our only connection. So what is the embarrassing part?!!?

I decided I would go on Facebook and see if he was single. Not a big deal- just curious. However, if we recall, I deleted the app so, I had to go onto the web browser on my phone. Guys, I didn't even know his last name. I looked up his first name and decided to see if he would come up. Typically BYU-ID students are the first people to pop up on the search list. AND there he was. Just a few people past the friends I already had. We had some mutual friends so it was that simple. I clicked on his name. Nothing happened. I clicked it again. Again, nothing happened. So I clicked again. (I was in my next class while doing this) I looked up for a second to see a new slide on the screen. I started to finish my notes and I looked back at my phone. There was his profile page and right next to his name it said "FRIEND REQUEST SENT" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Somehow, the browser was too slow to recognize my clicks so once it processed it then decided I had clicked on 'add friend'. Awesome. Creeper Status= achieved.


A full panic attack followed. All I could think was "TOOOOO SOOOOOON!!!! Meg, too freaking soon!" I knew he had an iPhone so, I couldn't undo what had been done. The request had already been sent straight to his phone. There were no other solutions. My only hope was he would see I have a ton of FB friends and would think I was a serial adder. But, lets be real. Our first communication ever (basically) had barely occurred half an hour earlier!!! :/

I went on to my next class still baffled by what had happened. I get through my last class of the day and am leaving the room. I had forgotten that this guy had a class right after me in that same room. I was trying to get out quickly as to escape the possible run in. My friend was holding the classroom door open for me and as I turned that corner- THERE HE WAS. A quick and high pitch "HEY!" Came out of my mouth as we were inches apart. He smiled and said "hey" then walked into the classroom and I bolted down the stairs. Of course. I knew in that moment as we were face to face I had to say something. I just sent him a freaking FB friend request. I can't just casually walk by him and not acknowledge his existence.

I hate to leave this hanging but as of right now- that friend request is still out in cyber space waiting to be accepted. I am trying to avoid thinking about it. It's only been a day. It's not a big deal right? But when I have to go to class tomorrow morning I have no doubt- I will be nervous. More nervous than when I shared a stage with Bill Cosby.

There you have it. And at this point I can't care. I do. But I can't.

You are welcome for your daily entertainment- that is if you read the whole post.


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