Oct 17, 2013

Peace, Love, & Striving Onward

A little while ago I shared an article from Striving Onward. This article was very well written and I just fell in love with the whole site. I love blogging but for me it is just for fun and not something to extravagant. This website is my new favorite go to. It even has it's own spot in the tool bar on my browser- and that is saying something.

Today I stumbled upon this short article and instantly found myself listening to "Here Comes the Sun" on a playlist on spotify. Top 64 Motivational Songs: A Playlist for the Brave. I am all about being brave and strong in this world where you can fall for anything if you aren't standing for something. The article caught my attention with a simple word. BRAVE. I encourage you to search their website. I guarantee you will find some sort of inspiration for you and just what you need at this point in time. Or even be inspired of how to help someone else in you life.

I can't stress how impressed I am by what this site stands for and what they represent! My goal is to inspire one day just as they already do. We are strong women let the world know.

Glitz & Glam!

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  1. Meg, you just made my day. Thank you thank you thank you. We are all given chances each day to be a little braver. They are our daily challenges in life, and we can totally face them head on. Thank you for being one of Striving Onward's number one fans. Suzanne and I along with all of our other readers appreciate you, and girls just like you, to the moon and back. (I just read this post in my office and get a little emotional.) :) Have a lovely day, my dear!


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