Nov 22, 2013

Peace, Love, & Answered Prayers!

I have been struggling with something lately and wasn't sure what I had done wrong or what I am still doing wrong. I just needed some confidence and love. Iva did JUST that! Yesterday I spent about 7 hours in Idaho Falls with Anna. We babysat for her sister-in-law, Kristin during which Iva- miss independent "don't touch me" queen- ran to me for cuddles. She melted into me. She would leave to play with toys and then brought the toys to me to play with. I am not sure why she wanted to be with me but it was just what I needed. She was an answer to my prayers.

The people who aren't showing you love or even showing you that you are of worth- DO NOT deserve a spot in your life. Those people have a way of making us forget about those who truly do love us more than we may ever realize.

Focus on those you love and that love you. Forget the ones who make you feel crummy. Even if those people used to be a big part of your life- let it go. Everyone has a time and season in your life. Don't try to force their time to be longer than necessary.


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