Nov 4, 2013

Peace, Love, & Pumpkin Patch

Yes, I know it is November; and yes, I know I am real behind on this post. When little Charlie was born my Mom came to town. My dad was off on a hunting trip so, he stopped in on his way back to Boise. I drove to Idaho Falls on Saturday. First, I had to give back the mini. :( I spent a couple of fun days with it! It also happened to be in the 60s that week. So, I drove with the top down even! But, once I got to Anna's we went to the pumpkin patch and found our perfect pumpkins. Anna is the pickiest pumpkin picker EVER. :P

Yep, Dug gets to be first! :)

Reunited and it felt so good!

Iva and Grammie bonding. Iva loves her Grammie!

My two babies... right there. Best of both worlds!

How can you NOT love that face!

I love going to pumpkin patches. So, I was excited to go even if it was only a few days before Halloween! :) It was even better to be there with my family!


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  1. So glad you and your mom and dad got to spend some good quality time with Anna and her babies (including Shawn and Duggy) AWESOME! Love you Meg!


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