Nov 30, 2013

Peace, Love, & THANKS.

A month full of thanks and I have yet to share my list of things I am grateful for...

1. Glitter, sparkles, and anything that shines.
2. Family
3. Best friends any girl could ask for.
4. Cars!
5. A Dad- who filled up my car for my trip back to school, also worked on the car while it was home!
7. Technology and being able to stay in touch with people I never see.
8. Sunshine
9. School
10. My job!!!!
11. Heated blankets
12. A home close by to go to on the holidays
13. My health
14. That I am never hungry or without a roof over my head.
15. That I have options; that I am free to make choices.
16. My professors
17. My iPhone
18. Music
19. Kind strangers – For brightening up me days when I least expect it
20. Your mistakes - For helping me to improve and become better
21. Heartbreaks - For helping you mature and become a better person
22. Laughter (& my snort) - For serenading my life with joy
23. Life’s challenges- for making me stronger!
24. Forgiveness- for the freedom it truly gives us from that weight we've been carrying.
25. My Bed- never lets me down.
26. Vacations- planning and being able to go to some really cool places.
27. Dogs! :)
28. Netflix
29.ME- Knowing exactly who I am and being able to love myself.
30. YOU.

This list could go on and on... alas, I don't have all the time in the world to keep going. :)


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