Dec 30, 2013

Peace, Love, & A New Year!

In theory, New Year's resolutions are a fabulous idea. Unfortunately for me, I focus too much on all the things I need to change when each January 1st rolls around. This year my goal is to continue on in my current habits(the good ones) and then to add one or two things. I don't plan on making any revolutionary goals for the year... why set goals that I already have set every year and have yet to meet? No cliché "I will workout everyday", "I will write in my journal everyday", and "I'll stop eating sugar". I do hope to get better at these but I also hope to move on from the normal resolutions. I can list two things I want to work on.

1. Serving more.

2. Conquering CLUTTER!

Simple as that... This way I will have less to fail at! ;P

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