Dec 30, 2013

Peace, Love, & A Year in Review

According to FB:

After sorting through over 1,000 photos I have narrowed it down to these few(yes, 30 just became a 'few') These photos are all things I have been blessed to do over the last year!

Working with Vocal Point in January.

A trip to the Dominican Republic in Feb/March.

A trip to Eugene to hang out with my besties!

Working with Bronkar!

Working with the Piano Guys! This was AWESOME!

Working with Willy when he came with Chris Mann

Working with Chris Mann!

A weekend trip to Bear Lake to see Jamie! My fave!

Driving my car wherever I want to. ;) My job is pretty awesome!

Working with Edward Herrmann! Grandpa Gilmore was so nice!

A quick flight to L.A.

The Grove in L.A.


Kris Allen from backstage!

Cale Kris' guitarist.

Going to Utah and seeing Jamie! Then I made this!

Working with Jenny Oaks Baker!

Becoming a deer!

Pumpkin Patch visit! :)

In this picture I was working at the Jenny Oaks Baker show

Jamie came to visit me in Rexburg!

BYU football game!

BYU Basketball game!

The Biggest Moment of the Year... I met my future husband! Okay, Not really.

This was before the doors opened to our 15,000 seater venue!

This was after the Christmas Concert as people began filling out!

Onto a new year with new adventures!!!