Feb 16, 2014

Peace, Love, and A Massacre.

Massacre being Valentines Day. Yes, I am being dramatic. Actually, I had a pretty good day! I worked out in the morning and my trainer turned my arms into JELLO. It was awesome. After that I took a shower and a trip to Idaho Falls to borrow my sister's snowboard since I left mine in Boise. Smart. Then when I got back I took a beautiful 4 hour nap. I woke up around 6. Whoops.

Since Brandy was working and our other friend that was supposed to come down from Utah couldn't make it, I was riding solo.

Sometimes I actually prefer riding solo. It's usually pretty entertaining. So, I went out to a local hot dog joint and watch some people perform. It was actually pretty fun. After that I went and visited a few friends at work and then went to see Brandy since I hadn't seen her all day!!! Subway stole her from me!

When she got off work we went to MD's and talked. The perfect night cap!

So, I did my best to treat it just like every other day of the year!!!

Iva... can you tell how much she loves me?

It's okay, I love her enough for the both of us!

Poor Charlie... he's the perfect pillow size for Dug! ha!!!

The day before Valentines I seriously got the most gorgeous flowers! This person has always been a rock in my life and the fact that they went out of their way to think of a way to help me through the worst day of the year was completely overwhelming. I felt so special and so loved. I honestly can't thank this person enough.

I also saved this little guy... Anna gave him to me. I was waiting for the perfect time to watch him grow. HA HA!

Day 1.

And this is what my Parents sent me... yep. it was perfect.

And my beautiful flowers today! The roses are opening up and the are just simply beautiful! Oh and if you look close my prince is done growing! :)

Circa: Valentines Day 2008. My parents put this outside my bedroom door. Not much can beat that moment. Waking up and being terrified and then realizing that your parents are openly mocking you. ;)

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