Feb 19, 2014

Peace, Love, & Snowboarding!

Targhee is too close to go a winter without snowboarding! I really love it there. I am such a pansy boarder but I love it! Brandy and I went this last saturday and boy, did we have a good time! If you know me, which hopefully you do, I am a bottle of crazy with exploding laughter majority of the time. If we add Brandy to the equation-- well lets just say there is NEVER a dull moment. We could have fun doing nothing. Oh wait, we do that all the time. Welcome to Rexburg. Anyway, the point is we went boarding and we had some real good laughs while doing so.

I only fell hard once... and it just happened to be at the bottom of the lift where EVERYONE chills. Right in front of the lodge. It's cool. I played it off. No, no I didn't. I squealed like a little girl and Brandy just tried to pretend she didn't see. What a great friend! ;)

I know Brandy and I have very pretty faces... but look past them. You will see a man, a skier, who missed the chair lift. We still have no clue how he managed to do that. From the middle even??? We got a good laugh and felt sorry for him.

I was ready for anything... can't you tell?!

Ran into this fool! The ever elusive Cameron.


The drive home... Don't worry, Brandy took this.

More on the slopes.

This one- well there is so much more to this than you can see. At this current moment I was straight up oblivious to the guy sitting next to us rolling a joint. Uh. What? Yeah when I finally noticed I had to do a triple take. Oh boy.

Me and my crazy-eyed bestie. ;P

I had to borrow my sister's board because I forgot mine in Boise. Luckily hers is nicer than mine. She just happens to ride regular and I ride goofy. So the only con was the fact that her stomp pad was obsolete for me.

Nevertheless, good times were had!

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