Feb 22, 2014

Peace, Love, & CRAZIES.

Last night I was lucky enough to spend with Brandy and David. Two of my favorite people and two of the biggest pains in my butt. They love to gang up on me and make fun of me and they love to crowd my bubble. But seriously, I love them both to death! I don't know what I am going to do next semester when they both leave me!?! How dare they?

Anyway, we went to the pond skimming event put on by the school and it was... well, not as good as last year. Their just weren't as many competitors and do I blame them? Absolutely not. After that we headed to the Igloo Music Fest which is a three night event of local music. This is where I got chalk all over after leaning up against a chalk wall. Cool, Huh? Love being a klutz.

Then we went on about our normal adventures of eating food and watching a movie. Oh the fun we can have. ha! I sometimes really miss the East Coast and my unbeatable weekends in NYC. But, I am super grateful to have the friends I have here!

What's a night without one of my epically awful selfies?

This is what happens when I try to take the photo. Laughter= crap picture.

And this is what happens when Brandy takes the picture.

The crew. <3

FHE bro-----> to real life bro. :)

Keeping it classy!

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