Mar 12, 2014

Peace, Love, & Rejuvenation

I left Rexburg saturday and headed to Boise. I am going to be in Boise until Europe. (8 days!!!) So far it's been hanging out with friends, family, and my dog, Squirt!

First day back and this is what my bed looked like. A big party! :)

Went hiking up tablerock again. This time my phone died 1/4 of the way up!

I can never come to Boise and not get Dutch Bros. Or Pita Pit!

Squirt blends in with my comforter.

We were in the middle of a serious girl talk... can't you tell?

New day, same party! :)

Me trying to figure out how to use Allison's "dumb" phone.

Costco trip... I wanted this thing so bad.

Then I realized it was as much as a car.

The drive back from Costco... Big storms all around us.

Ready for my parents to get back tomorrow! :)

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  1. I am excited for your Europe trip. Sure wish you all have a great time. and fun to hang out with those cute nieces and nephew. Funny how that serious talk also had phone texting. smile


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