May 5, 2014

Peace, Love, & Goals

Please. Tell me you have goals you are working towards right now. Some have labeled me as a dreamer. Those that know me know I am a dreamer but my dreams are really goals. I have always been one that when my mind is set- it's set. When I want something I work and work until I can get it. I am currently working on several goals. The most important goal at this moment is:

Preparing myself to get the best job I can out of school. I want to be one of the most qualified applicants for the job when the time comes. I have been working intensely on this for the last two years and before that I had been working towards it for an additional three years. I wasn't aware at the time of what I really wanted to do. But, I was doing something I enjoyed. When I finally realized I could do something I loved regardless of what others thought, I was free. Most people look at my job and have no clue how I could love something so stressful and demanding. Others look at my job as one big party with really cool musicians. I see it somewhere in the middle. I love what I do. Yes, it is sometimes very stressful but that stress is something I thrive off of. So, that is what I invest my time in. 

My advice to you is set goals you actually want. Not just what people tell you, you should do. Stop listening to others. You are the only one who truly knows what you do and do not like. Please listen to those that tell you what you are good at. We are our own worst critics so, when someone points out a positive quality take that and include it in how you will achieve your goals. 

I have several other goals right now as well, including preparing myself for a future relationship. The bottom of the list is always "get in shape". So, it can be any variety of goals from keeping your house, room, car, or closet clean and organized. Some of my friends are starting families. Others are graduating and starting careers or figuring out what to do. Everyone is different and has different goals. Find your own goals. Be a GOAL DIGGER.