May 6, 2014

Peace, Love, & Silly Meg.

I am about to get real. I suffer from something I like to call, Silly Meg Syndrome(SMS). This only happens in certain situations. The ideal situation that this occurs in is when I am in close proximity to a guy I have a crush on. My best friends know exactly how this goes down. I go from cool, calm, and collected to disastrously dumbfounded. I can no longer form intelligent sentences. This isn't an every day occurrence but, it is super embarrassing when it does occur. I am not sure how I can emcee for concerts with thousands of people in the audience and a spotlight on me and then lose it in front of one person?!?

These SMS moments are always followed by a *face in palm*.

Oh the joys of being single. I have to laugh every time because I know it's going to happen and I can do nothing about it. I should clarify... If I am prepared and I know I am going to see this person I can better control the situation (obviously it can still throw me for a loop but, it's better). It is when randomly running into that person that it strikes the hardest. It's bizarre because I have been in relationships before even long term ones. Yet, a new prospect comes and I am right back in middle school.

Sometimes 'Check Yes or No' seems like the best idea. Right?

For my "Marriage Prep" class I have to go on three dates- which roughly translates to me asking someone or three different someones on a date. YAY. And to back track a little, I know you are all stuck on the fact that I am even in a class entitled "Marriage Prep". Yes, this is a real class. Yes, I signed up for it. Yes, it is part of my required classes. I may or may not be the only very single person in there. And, other than the whole dates part I actually enjoy the class.

So, you can all look forward to even more updates on the SMS progress.

If you suffer from your own Silly Syndrome... know you are not alone. Join me in conquering the word vomit. ;)

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