May 27, 2014

Peace, Love, & A Weekend Getaway!

It was my first weekend off since the semester started! Which was five weeks ago! I needed a break! I ventured to my parents house on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Monday afternoon. It was a blast! Nothing beats sunshine and playing! We pretty much did everything! I got to go to my parents land in Parma, ID and ride ATVs, go swimming, ride around in my Dad's new Super Snipe (COOLEST CAR EVER) and then to top it off I got to spend some time with my family!

Hanging out with Kiwi(my niece) and her best friend Alisa. I pretended I was in high school again. It was great for about 15 minutes then I realized I don't miss high school at all! ;P

Getting the car ready for Parma!

Here is the beautiful and awesome Super Snipe!

JME was on her way to Oregon and passed through Boise so we met up and had some delish Pita Pit, got our picture and then both got on the interstate and headed opposite ways!

When I got back to Rexburg some of us went to the park and played in the sun some more! It was grand!

Now it is back to reality! It was a great weekend!

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