Jun 26, 2014

Peace, Love, & All Grown Up.

I had an experience this past week where I was asked to come into a college event planning class. This class is something I completely skipped over. I had no desire to take it. It has been my job for awhile now. Going into this class as a professional in the work force was something that scared me. I had to present for 20 minutes. I had to make my own presentation and use my own experiences. It was great for me! I walked out of that class with a new found confidence in who I am and what I bring to my job. It doesn't get much better than that!

Being responsible for trying to teach a 300 level college class of students was intimidating. I wasn't sure what I could bring to the class but I was able to teach them and myself all at the same time!

I am in a good place. I may be dragging my feet through school but it is getting done. I am working hard and constantly learning. I have great friends. I used to tell myself that once I got out of here life would be so GREAT. I neglected to realize I could have a good life here!

I am learning to embrace my present.

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