Jun 20, 2014

Peace, Love, & Therapy Session.

Being 23, a student, and single gives cause for a whole lot of conversations of "REAL" life. Luckily for me I am close to being done with school and I have pretty good options for after. I recently signed my last housing contract of my college career. It put things into a new light for me! I am almost out of here! It might be terrifying but I am so ready. So, that leaves one thing left that people can ask, pester, and even try fixing for me- being single.

Before I continue I want to state this simple fact. BEING SINGLE IS NOT AN ILLNESS. Whether by choice or default being single is fine! There isn't something wrong with you.

For me, I want to be dating, I want to be making an everlasting and beautiful friendship. I am to the point now where I have experienced a lot and have hopefully learned a thing or two. I am not in full fledged prey mode but I am looking and trying to keep my options open. I seem to be in an never ending cycle though.

I was recently talking with someone about how I always find the tools. They don't start as tools. They start off as the best thing I could ever find. Then those little red flags pop up right and left and I am left facing a completely different guy than the one I fell for just a few short weeks ago. I like to call this "two-faced syndrome". For whatever reason that guy is not ready for commitment and is preventing himself from being able to fully open up to a relationship or even a friendship.

Then we talked about how I always go for the same type. A guy recently came into my life and I shut down the idea before even thinking. He is NOT who I go for. He is not my type. SCREW types. Why can't I be as open to different personality types of guys like I am for my girl friends. My girl friends are WAY different. Some of my best friends are polar opposites. I don't prejudge a girl. I know I can pretty much be friends with anyone. As long as I can find some bond with them I know I am good. It's rather incredible to me to look at my friends and see how close I am to them and none of them are remotely the same. My love for them all is never ending.

So, my new challenge is to be more accepting of different guys. Maybe this way I can steer clear of the tools. I can't predict the future so who am I to judge before I even get to know someone. Friends come in all different types. Here is to keeping things open. Welcome everyone into your life. You may never know what is to come of it. I may never know.

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