Jun 9, 2014

Peace, Love, & Being Selfless.

JME... Don't kill me for posting this. :) I just love it!

I have always loved being able to express who I am. In high school I matched every bright color I could like the 80s had exploded on me. For those that know me now they probably won't believe me when I say I have toned it down a lot. I love my sequins and sparkles but those are a step down from my awkward teenage years.

Besides clothes there really are so many things we can use to express who we are. I like to write. I love to sing. I like to plan events. I love sports. I like cars- I LOVE old British cars. Beyond those superficial things I have noticed something lately. Your actions trump all of those identifying qualities. You can say one thing but when you do the opposite, you really loose credibility.

I have noticed lately how great my friends are- see the last post. I love surrounding myself with people who don't have to be asked to help someone they just do it. I like to think I do that... Honestly, I am always carrying coolers and big boxes around for work and almost every time some one asks to help me or just comes and opens a door for me. They are sometimes heading the opposite way even. Show days are worse because I have food to move too. From my fellow coworkers to friends they all help me.

I have noticed so many other things like this lately. People being selfless. In a world where everyone is becoming more and more selfish I think we need to recognize and thank those people in our lives that truly are being selfless. Everyone is going through something and we may never know and they still strive to be selfless. It impresses me so much! Especially when they don't even realize they are doing it.

Rambling is my forte if you haven't figured that out yet. Moral of the story, I am grateful for others stepping up and helping me with the little things. It means more than they will know. This extends from family, friends, to complete strangers.

It makes me think twice... am I being selfless or selfish?!

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