Jun 13, 2014

Peace, Love, & YOU are SOMEONE.

It's about that time again where I write a post just to write what has been going through my mind lately. So, if you don't care about the thoughts of a rambling girl- save yourself some time and stop reading now. If you do care and you or someone in your life needs a pick-me-up then, read on.

Today's topic is to remember how important YOU truly are. You are someone. You are the ONLY you. It is really easy to let the negative thoughts about ourselves win. It's not fair. Stop focusing on the negative and remember all the really great things about yourself! If you are to the point where you can't seem to find a way to start that list, ask a friend. They can see much more clearly than you can!

Recently one of my friends had a hard day, I sent her the top ten things I loved about her. And this week it was my turn... I had a real crappy day and she sent me an even longer list of all the things she loved about me.

Guys, I am not saying this needs to be a long gushy list but I am saying that we can always build up our friends. That is what friends are for. They are okay when you come to them in a bad place because they love you and your good times will always trump the bad days. They want you to be happy more than you realize.

So, start your own list. If you aren't sure where to start, use this. (From The Help) ;P

Seriously, you have something to offer the world that I cannot. You have the strength to reach people I could never reach. You make a difference. You matter. Never forget it. Forget 'Negative Nancy' and find your inner happiness. Love who you are, because everyone else sure loves who YOU are.

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