Jul 21, 2014

Peace, Love, & Goodbyes.

My sister, Anna and her family have lived half an hour away from me for the majority of the last two and a half years since I came back to school. It has been so good for me to have an outlet and some kiddos to play with. Well, the time has come and they have opened a new chapter in their lives and have moved to Arizona. It pretty sad for me! These pictures are from their last weekend here!

It just so happened that my last Center Stage concert for the semester was while my parents were here helping Anna. So, they came! It is always great to have my parents visit! I absolutely love being able to introduce them to my friends and to show them a little bit of my life. They are the best support I could ask for, I love sharing with them what they have helped me accomplish!

Dude, seriously. How could I not miss this little guy!??!

Don't forget Dug. I will miss him too!

On Sunday we went to the visitor center at the Idaho Falls Temple and it was a simply gorgeous day!

This little sweetheart stole my heart. Best nap time ever.

I can't believe they aren't going to be so close anymore but I am so so so excited for their new adventures and I won't be here for much longer... I can do this! ;)

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