Jul 21, 2014

Peace, Love, & The Nice Guy.

Guess what time it is... yep, time for the obligatory dating post. It's been awhile. This semester for my Marriage Prep class I was required to go on three different dates. The first two were easy. Nevermind the fact that he was engaged to someone else by midterms. The third wasn't so easy to come by... I didn't want to have to ask someone. All the guys I know I could ask- just to go on a date for fun- are off track and not living here. By some miracle a guy in one of my classes asked me and I could count it as the 3rd date. I felt good about it and was ready to just finish my semester.

Well, then someone came to me and wanted to set me up with his friend. It was a total blind date. I had never met the guy before. I knew very few details about him and I was TERRIFIED. I hate first dates then to not even know the guy- just makes it that much worse. Anyway, beside the fact that he was 15 mins late, he was a total gentleman. He opened every door for me. He asked me questions and LISTENED to me. He showed genuine interest in who I was as a person.


He was too nice. He walked me up to my apartment door after and gave me a hug goodbye and my only feeling was, at least it was painless. It was fun. He took me to my favorite place in town and then we went bowling. It was an ideal first date. Short and sweet.

My problem? Well, I need banter. I need someone to pick on me. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but I am 100% serious. I need someone who will make me laugh and who will NOT let me win. I am not the girl you let win.

So, when he asked me out again two days later, I was a little surprised. It made me think twice as I talked to my girlfriends about it. They all said I needed to go on this second date. I couldn't throw everything out the window after one date and a blind date at that. I was annoyed because I kept comparing this really nice guy to the tool I have been interested in. This tool hasn't even made an effort yet I can't let go. Here is a really good guy making an effort and making it clear he wants to get to know me better. So my simple question is... why can't I like the nice guy?

I am not sure I'll ever have an answer. Any tips are more than welcome. My close friends will tell you it's pointless to try to give me advice because I don't listen anyway. But, it's worth a shot. ;P

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