Sep 25, 2014

Peace, Love, & Dirt.

Today I decided to go for a drive. I have a few different favorite spots in the surrounding area of Rexburg so I decided while it is still nice outside I would hit a couple of them up.

First, the nature park. (Less than a 5 minute drive)

Second, my trees!!! Okay, growing up in Oregon may or may not have made me a serious tree-hugger. This spot is about a 20 minute drive out through the country. The whole way there you pass potato field after potato field then you go up this hill and you are suddenly in the forest. I LOVE IT!

Third, once you make it to the trees you hit a dirt road. That dirt road goes on forever! It's awesome. So, I took the backroads to Kelly Canyon and then headed home. While on that beautiful and fun dirt road, I got these gems.

Having no classes on a Thursday is rather inconvenient. Such a tease to the weekend. As the semester progresses I am sure it will be spent in the library but today it was spent as an adventure day! Never let the unimportant things stop you from remembering the important things! Nature is wonderful. My car is incredible. Sunshine really is happiness.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-04at124528AM.png

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  1. Those are all beautiful places. Glad you got to enjoy the sunshine. :)


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