Sep 23, 2014

Peace, Love, & LIKE.

So an interesting phenomenon has recently come to light in my life. For most of you this isn't a recent discovery and for some of you, you might just think I am crazy. That's if you don't already think that. :)

I have never been one to count the number of "likes" or little hearts I get on social media but I have always been one to look and see WHO has liked or double tapped my picture. What is sad about this? Well, everything. I always check back to see and then when that person hasn't done any of the above a little piece of me dies. (Okay, not really).

The problem is I have fallen into the trap of social media. I used to post the most meaningless stuff-- my food, the sidewalks of NYC as I was walking, and the awful multiple posts a day for no good reason. I had almost 1,500 posts on instagram- granted, I have had it for over 153 weeks. I went through and deleted all the ones I didn't truly care about. This was almost 1,000 pictures. I have since tried to only post things that are actually important to me for whatever reason.

Back to the point, I like almost EVERYTHING that crosses my screen. I am not even sure why I do sometimes. I can tell you one of the biggest reasons behind my "like-whoredom" is that I want that person to feel like people care. Yeah people totally care what you had for breakfast- no. On most standards my next step will be frowned upon. I am not going to like everything that comes across my screen. I am not going to double click every post on my instagram feed. Why? It's my small step to help myself forget the likes, forget WHO is or ISN'T liking my posts. Once doing that I can just go back to loving myself and stop putting such a serious thing in the hands of one person- who doesn't even know my whole attitude for that day relies on whether they have liked my post or not.

Moral of the story: take your life back. Don't let others validate you. Validate yourself.

***Some of this post may or may not have been dramatized to make a point.***

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  1. I feel the need to "like" this post! But really. I feel the same way and its ridiculous to car so much about "likes"


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