Sep 21, 2014

Peace, Love, & Uncomfortable.

I have been severely slacking on my blogging. That means it is time for one of my deep thought- get it all out there posts. DON'T worry it is not a dating post. ;P

I want you all to look at the picture posted. It is the backbone of what I want to write about. Don't just look at it. Think about it. Compare it to how you are living your life. Compare it even to what you are planning for your future.

I am a goal digger. Lately, I have seen some hesitations in my life. They are simple little things that I have never struggled with. For instance, my homework. I left it all to last minute and it is only the first week of the semester. I am in NO way saying that I always get my homework done right away, but at the beginning of the semester I do. This small example was an eye opener for me.

I have big dreams. They are all suddenly rapidly approaching. The fact that my undergraduate degree is almost complete is pretty much the key to these goals. Come April I will be able to live these goals. Now I am at a crossroads. Which opportunity do I take? Where do I go? Etc. I thought the next big decision would be who I would marry. But that isn't even in this chapter.

I am so comfortable with my job. I work for and with wonderful people. I am doing what I love and what I want to continue to do. That is probably the hardest part of graduating. My comfort zone is all sorts of distorted now.

It is my goal to remember this idea and making sure I get out of my comfort zone. My goals are designed to make me get out of my comfort zone already. Here is to getting out of the comfort zone.  Now if only I could do it with grace. :)

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  1. The last year of school is always a crazy, eye opening, time. It's hard to make decisions like that, especially if we let ourselves be afraid of change. Sounds like you have a lot of great options to choose from, and I hope the choosing goes well! :) thanks for the thoughtful post. Ive been needing almost constant reminders to not let my comfort zone be a crutch and keep me from living the way I want to, and should.


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