Nov 27, 2014

Peace, Love, & Life After Divorce

Anyone who knows me read the title of this post and got really confused. No, I have never been married so, no I have never been divorced. I have gone through a horrible break up and I have had to divorce things in my life but never had to divorce a husband. The purpose of this post is not to diminish the actual reality that is divorce but to simply look at something that seems to be on the rise. And frankly, I am terrified.

I don't want this to seem insincere or naive. I have seen great heartbreak and betrayal I have also felt it. It is impossible for me to go onto Facebook and NOT see a new engaged or married couple. I am happy for them. But it is deeper than that. Some of you know my story... I thought I knew who I was going to marry, so much so that I had it planned out. I knew when, I knew where, I knew WHO. Obviously, that did not work out and I am grateful it didn't. I never would have gone back to school or even back to church if it had worked out.

I recently stumbled across this new YouTube series. I found it through a friend of a friend and loved it. It really made me think. There are four episodes out, this is just one.

I wanted to share this for the simple fact of it's honesty. I know so many people young and old that are separating. I don't know why or how these things happen but for those that are going through it I hope this helps. I know from my own experiences that great things can come out of the worst possible things we go through.

Divorce, an unwelcome life changing event in almost every circumstance, is something I would never wish on anyone. I know that the truth and reality is that it will and does happen. I like this series because it looks at it just this way- something that we rather not deal with but if we have to, lets do it while holding our head up. After all, There is sunshine after rain.

So here is my round of applause to the people willing to share their stories and to those with the drive to make the series happen. Thank You.

If you would like more information and a behind the scenes look into the series, look into James' blog here. :)

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