Mar 14, 2015

The END of an Era.

I can hardly believe that my THREE years with Center Stage have come to an end! Tonight was the last concert of the semester and the last concert I will ever work at BYU-Idaho. I have learned so much in my time here from helping book shows, to running all marketing efforts both virtual and in person, to orchestrating the concert from when the artist lands at the airport to when they take off. I have been able to work with incredible people.

One of the biggest blessings of the job is working with our own A/V, Ticket Office, Security, and Event Management people. There have been shows where I relied heavily on these crucial parts of the team to help me and I hope that I was able to do everything I could to help them also. I remember one particular event where I got yelled at by a DIVA artist just for telling him his food was ready. It took everything in me to keep my head held high. BUT one of my favorite lighting guys, Braden was quick to make me feel better when he told me he was just as mad and that this guy shouldn't bite the hand that feeds him. It is moments like those that I realize how important it is that you truly trust and enjoy the whole team you work with.

Beyond the wonderful team of employees I work with I have been so fortunate to work with artists of every level. That is my favorite part. To meet and work with people who took a crazy chance, who were persistent, who never gave up, and who ALWAYS have a story of how they got to where they are. I can't believe some of the stories I have heard. I love them.

I have been able to find my own passion in life and to work in an environment I could only dream of. I have learned that change is a great and needed thing in life. That being said, I have also learned that it is crucial to predict any change that could happen and have a solution. Quick thinking is a must when it comes to any sort of event. All the planning in the world can't fix some things that just happen! I have been able to perfect my game face. You can't let anything phase you or let anyone suspect that something isn't right- like an artist that is gone when intermission should have ended 10 minutes ago.

WOW. I could ramble on and on about how much I have loved this job, how much I have learned, and all the stories that have happened but I will spare you from that. I truly hope that I am able to find a job that I can use all these skills and that I can continue to be challenged in. As I say goodbye to one thing I love and hello to who knows what, I find myself struggling to let it go. I am excited and in active pursuit of what the world has to offer me! So here's to the next step in my life!

I will miss all the chaos that goes into even the smallest details.

I will also miss seeing a packed house and the pure satisfaction that comes at the end of the day!

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