Mar 25, 2015

Network. Network. Network.

After failing to get anywhere by submitting applications with my resume. I decided I needed to go through the side door. I needed to NETWORK. This was hard for me because I hate asking for help. Yes, I realize this fault. After some humility and swallowing my pride I have been able to reach out to  some really great people.

Throughout my career I have strived to make genuine and sincere connections with the people I have worked with. This has been relatively easy for me because I have worked with great people and who wouldn't want to be friends with them!?!

How did I start this process?

I first sent out emails. This was not asking for a job or internship but simply asking for advice, ideas, and a new perspective of my situation. I sent this to a few of the people I have worked with in the past.

Not even a half hour after sending an email to Jenny Oaks Baker she called me and answered my questions. It was so incrediblly helpful and I was honored she would take time to call me and give me advice and tips of where to start looking. One simple email turned into a great new outlook on where I was.

The next person I emailed was the conductor of the Teton Chamber Orchestra, Eric. He has helped connect me to three new people from Nashville to Texas to a tour manager. These people have all been willing to help me and have answered all my questions and led me even further.

At this point I hope you can see the branches and how much further your reach goes when you start reaching out to others. The emails led to phone calls that led to new ideas and new options.

I may still be in the middle of this process but I am getting much further than I was just submitting application after application.

So reach out and network! LinkedIn is a great place to start. Don't forget the people you already know... They can connect you in more ways than you realize. Networking is crucial and vital in today's world of job hunting!

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