Oct 6, 2016

I've got 99 problems-- and one just solved itself.

Sometimes the problem is the solution. Cryptic, right?

I have been beating myself up for months with the same problem. I've been working overtime, creating a strategy around the problem, and attempting to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

I spent so much time and energy trying to find a way around the problem. By the time I exhausted all my resources it seemed silly to face the problem head on. Who does that? After realizing that was my only option... I decided to take a direct approach to the problem.

Nothing magical happened. At first it was worse than avoiding it. With time and patience the problem solved itself and dissapeared. It was a magical moment for me.

I think sometimes we create too much stress and add too many emotions. We don't need to complicate something to make it work. Take the simple approach. Don't mistake what I am saying here though, simple does not always mean EASY.  

Grateful for the Oola Guys and these reminders-Learn more about Oola. 

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