Sep 26, 2016

S.O.S. My Own Worst Enemy.

I have realized lately that I have a major fault. Okay, to be clear, this is a new one not the only one. Over the past few months I have been killing myself for the sake of making other peoples lives easier. It has always been my goal to serve others and make their lives better. Most would see this as a positive and not a fault.

It is a positive when done in moderation and awareness of oneself. Instead, I forget about myself and I have become the person that everyone goes to because they know I will help with their work project, friend problem, boy problems, and general life problems. (PS I am still flabbergasted that people come to me for relationship advice. What in my past or current dating situation says I'd be a great spokesperson for relationship problems?) I guess if we were to narrow down the problem, it would really be the inability to say NO. 
Is it really that simple?

How does one change this? My plate is incredibly full that even the small things are too heavy. This weekend it was cold and raining- hello, Fall- I stayed in, turned on my fireplace, and chilled. It was actually quite heavenly. Unfortunately, I can't live in that heavenly state every day.

I don't have a solution or a lesson learned. I am hoping someone else does...

If you want to help me... teach me to say no. ;)

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