Mar 20, 2019

Life lessons from bad food.

Okay— I am a day late! I AM SORRY. Honestly, for no good reason too. I need to put a meeting on my calendar to remind myself to sit down and write every Tuesday night!


Today’s wisdom is inspired by a very bad weekend of eating really good food. And by really good food, I mean ‘BAD for you’ food! 


Real talk. I turn into an empty bottomless pit with constant cravings right before I start my period. (Yeah, I went there!) I don’t think I am alone in this problem, but maybe I am. 


For those unaware of how Weight Watchers works, you are given a standard allotment of Daily Points and then an additional bucket for your “Weekly Points”. My goal is to avoid eating all weekly points. If necessary, I’ll have some here and there. If you don’t use all of your daily points they can roll over into your weekly. So I got to the end of the week and had all of my weekly points left. UNTIL Saturday. I ATE ALL THE THINGS! *Face Palm* In one day I ate all my Daily Points and my Weekly Points too. HELP. 


At that point it turned into a total mental game. I was ready to quit. It’s not worth it. After one bad day- I was ready to give up the entirety of my goal! What the heck! My mental game isn’t as strong as I would like it to be. I kept going forward and tried to reset. And despite the bad food and period bloat (YES that is a totally real thing) I lost 1 ½ lbs. That was the real eye opening moment for my mental game.


When we fail once do we really think that means we should give up completely? I am sorry— my one bad day of eating does not mean I need to be destined to a life of being overweight and unhealthy. 


When we fail, we pick ourselves back up, and keep moving toward our end goal. That’s life. Or that is how to be successful in life. 

All in all, I'm taking it all one day at a time.


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