Mar 13, 2019

Real Talk with Meg

Okay. We’ve talked about this before—and maybe even a 100x. And reality is, we are going to talk about it again. Weight loss… except I want to talk about it as being HEALTHY.

After my recent work trip (2 weeks on the road), I faced some rude realities. I felt like a tub of LARD. I know—I shouldn’t refer to myself as such. But dang! I did not feel good. Something needed to change.

In an effort to stay on track, I am being very open and honest about the steps I am taking. I want people to know. I need the support and encouragement. Sometimes that support might be calling me out on what I am eating. All of my coworkers are aware, all of my family knows, and most of my close friends know. And a promise to myself is to share how many pounds I am down each week. That regular check in is what I need to stay accountable. I will simply add it to the bottom of every post.

I started Weight Watchers last week. Yesterday was my first weigh in and I was down 10lbs. UH. Okay. Clearly there is weight to shed. I know it won’t continue to come off so quickly, but it sure felt good to see that number. Along with watching what I eat, I am exercising regularly, and I am not eating after 7pm.

After today, I will be posting every Tuesday. (Weigh in day!) It may or may not be about how I am feeling. Most of you know it will be the ramblings of my everyday life.

Yay to 10 lbs lighter! 

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