Aug 17, 2020

The Quarantined 30th!

Suddenly I am 30! I am a lover of birthdays and celebrating the people I love! I believe birthdays are an incredible checkpoint for each of us to evaluate. Maybe that is why I am not big on New Year's resolutions. I like to set my expectations for the next year on my birthday. It’s a good time to recognize the great things and show gratitude. It’s a good time to call out some shortcomings and work on them. It’s a great time to determine what to work towards and focus on. And it’s the best time to acknowledge the people in your corner and supporting you the whole time.

Well, it's no secret that our world is a little wonky. I wasn't going to let my birthday be ruined because of COVID. Lucky for me, it is my season and the outdoors are fair game! 

Camping off the grid it was! Zach planned our adventure and a couple friends joined us in Stolle Meadows Just outside of Cascade, ID. Zach and I hooked up our toy hauler (best purchase ever!) and headed out to the land of no service and beautiful views. We spent the weekend hiking, riding our ATV, star gazing, eating good food, and being far away from all the people! 

We were camping over a long weekend Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. Today, we kept my birthday lowkey and with the people, I love most in this world, my husband, and my family! We slept in, had sushi lunch at the park by the water (yes, it was 100 degrees that is how much my family loves me!) Our evening was walking around a store and going out to dinner with just me and Zach. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday in this chaotic world!

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