Aug 20, 2020

Goodbye, Social Media!

The irony of this post is not lost on me. Many know I am a former Social Media Specialist and spent years in that world. That leads to today where I am very much an ANTI-Social Media person. It is so easy for social media to overshadow our lives. If you are wanting more control of your life like I was, read on for some of my tips and tricks to distance yourself from the addiction of social media.

What were my final straws?

  • Politics
  • Hate
  • Fake news
  • Lack of awareness // sharing without being informed or even reading beyond the headline
  • Comparison
  • Need for Likes // Comments (I have written about this before. Circa 2014)
I'm not sure I will ever delete my social accounts in totality (I NEED my Goldendoodle group), but I do know I can do things to step back. 
  1. Delete apps from your phone 
  2. If that is too extreme: turn off notifications
  3. Set a time limit for how long you can be on Instagram. (Set a reminder in IG)
  4. Create rules for what you will and will not do when you go on Facebook.
    1. Avoid scrolling 
    2. Search for people you want to interact with 1:1
    3. Post (authentically... be real. be you.)
    4. Etc.
  5. Designate the number of times you can go on to any of your social accounts.
  6. Reach out via text, call, or something else to truly check in with your friends.
If you want less of a drastic approach, you can go through and unfollow people on FB with remaining friends. This is just incredibly tedious and time-consuming. You do you. 

To take it a step further, I have been made aware that sometimes my whole phone is a distraction from active in-person conversations. Now the task at hand is being more present and leaving the phone in the other room. I would say at home, but who are we kidding? I never leave the house anymore. 🤣

Are you in my same boat? What have you tried? Or are you going to try something new to add some healthy distance between you and social media? 

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